10 crazy yet useful PC accessories you can actually buy

1. USB Cup Warmer and Cooler: Keep your drinks hot or cold while you work with this USB-powered cup warmer and cooler. It’s perfect for those who often forget about their coffee or tea while working.

1. Wireless Charging Mouse Pad: A mouse pad that wirelessly charges your smartphone while you work or play games. It keeps your phone juiced up without the need for any cables cluttering your desk.

1. LED Keyboard Wrist Rest: A wrist rest with built-in LED lighting that can add some style to your keyboard and also provide comfortable support for your wrists during long typing sessions.

1. Glowing Mouse Bungee: Keep your mouse cable out of the way with a glowing mouse bungee. It not only helps with cable management but also adds some flair to your setup with its customizable LED lighting.

1. Monitor Rear View Mirror: If you're worried about people sneaking up on you, this PC accessory is for you. Attach it to the corner of your monitor, and you can see everything behind you.

1. Programmable Gaming Foot Pedal: Take your gaming to the next level with a programmable foot pedal. Use it as an additional control to perform complex actions in-game, or even use it for productivity tasks.

1. USB Fingerprint Reader: Enhance the security of your PC with a USB fingerprint reader. It’s a convenient and secure way to log in to your computer or access sensitive information.

1. Desktop Vacuum Cleaner: Keep your workspace tidy with a mini desktop vacuum cleaner. It's perfect for cleaning up crumbs and dust from your keyboard and desk.