1: "Intro to Webcomics" Discover the world of webcomics with these 10 hilarious strips that showcase everyday life in a quirky light.

2: "Sarah's Scribbles" Experience the relatable humor of Sarah's daily struggles and triumphs through her charming stick figure comics.

3: "The Oatmeal" Laugh out loud at The Oatmeal's witty observations on everything from cats to grammar in these hilarious strips.

4: "XKCD" Explore XKCD's smart and nerdy take on everyday life, science, and relationships in these clever webcomics.

5: "Cyanide & Happiness" Get ready to chuckle at Cyanide & Happiness' dark humor and absurd situations that poke fun at modern life.

6: "Poorly Drawn Lines" Enjoy the simple but hilarious humor of Poorly Drawn Lines as it humorously captures the quirks of daily life.

7: "Dinosaur Comics" Follow the adventures of T-Rex and friends in Dinosaur Comics as they discuss everything from pop culture to philosophy.

8: "Lunarbaboon" Fall in love with Lunarbaboon's heartwarming and funny tales of parenthood, anxiety, and life's ups and downs.

9: "My Life as a Background Slytherin" Laugh along with the witty and relatable comics of My Life as a Background Slytherin, showcasing life as a magical misfit.

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