1: "10 Lesser-Known Superfoods That Belong in Your Diet"

2: "1. Amaranth: Nutrient-rich ancient grain with protein and fiber."

3: "2. Moringa: Packed with antioxidants and vitamins for overall health."

4: "3. Sea Buckthorn: Omega-7 powerhouse for skin and heart health."

5: "4. Black Rice: Antioxidant-rich grain with anti-inflammatory benefits."

6: "5. Baobab: Vitamin C, fiber, and prebiotics for a healthy gut."

7: "6. Camu Camu: Superfruit high in vitamin C for immunity support."

8: "7. Maca: Adaptogenic root with energy-boosting and hormone balancing properties."

9: "8. Wakame: Sea vegetable rich in minerals and antioxidants for vitality."

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