1: Indulge in a 2-minute DIY face mask using honey & yogurt for glowing skin. #SelfCare

2: Pamper your feet with a quick Epsom salt soak for relaxation & soft skin. #AtHomeSpa

3: Relieve stress with a 2-minute lavender oil scalp massage for relaxation. #DIYTreatments

4: Soothe tired eyes with chilled cucumber slices for a refreshing pick-me-up. #SelfCare

5: Brighten your complexion with a quick turmeric and lemon juice face scrub. #AtHomeSpa

6: Revive dull hair with a coconut oil hair mask for nourishment & shine. #DIYTreatments

7: Soothe dry hands with a 2-minute olive oil hand mask for softness. #SelfCare

8: Relax body & mind with a quick DIY aromatherapy bath using essential oils. #AtHomeSpa

9: Unwind with a calming chamomile tea steam facial for a spa-like experience. #DIYTreatments

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