1: Simone Biles Mental Toughness Discover how Simone Biles prepares mentally for competition and overcomes challenges.

2: Visualization Techniques Learn about the power of visualization in Simone Biles' mental preparation routine.

3: Positive Self-Talk Explore how positive self-talk helps Simone Biles stay focused and confident during performance.

4: Setting Goals Find out how Simone Biles sets clear goals to drive her mental preparation and performance.

5: Managing Pressure Uncover Simone Biles' strategies for managing pressure and staying calm under stress.

6: Mindfulness Practices Delve into the mindfulness practices that Simone Biles uses to stay present and focused.

7: Breathing Exercises Learn about the breathing exercises that Simone Biles incorporates into her mental preparation routine.

8: Team Support Discover the importance of team support in Simone Biles' mental preparation and success.

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9: Mental Health Awareness Explore how Simone Biles advocates for mental health awareness in sports and beyond.