1: Unwind with Yoga Discover how Simone Biles incorporates yoga into her recovery routine, promoting relaxation and flexibility.

2: Ice Baths for Recovery Learn how ice baths help Simone Biles reduce inflammation and promote muscle recovery post-training sessions.

3: Cupping Therapy Benefits Explore how cupping therapy aids in Simone Biles' recovery process by improving circulation and reducing muscle soreness.

4: Massage for Relaxation Find out how regular massages help Simone Biles relax and rejuvenate her body for optimal performance.

5: Epsom Salt Soaks Learn about the benefits of Epsom salt soaks in Simone Biles' recovery routine, aiding in muscle relaxation and recovery.

6: Proper Nutrition for Recovery Discover how Simone Biles prioritizes nutrient-dense foods to fuel her body and aid in recovery post-workout.

7: Compression Gear Benefits Explore how compression gear supports Simone Biles' recovery by improving blood flow and reducing muscle fatigue.

8: Sleep for Muscle Recovery Learn how quality sleep enhances Simone Biles' recovery process, allowing her body to rest and repair efficiently.

9: Mindfulness Practices Discover how Simone Biles incorporates mindfulness practices into her recovery routine to reduce stress and improve focus.

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