1: Old mason jars Repurpose empty mason jars as candle holders or vases for a charming rustic touch.

2: Wine corks Create a unique cork board for your home office or kitchen to showcase important notes and memories.

3: Thrifted frames Turn vintage frames into trendy wall art by adding a fresh coat of paint and displaying your favorite prints.

4: Tin cans Transform used tin cans into chic planters for your indoor herb garden or succulent collection.

5: Cardboard boxes Organize your space with custom storage bins made from recycled cardboard boxes and decorative paper.

6: Plastic bottles Craft stylish hanging planters by cutting and painting plastic bottles for a modern touch in your home.

7: Old magazines Create a collage artwork for your gallery wall using colorful pages from old magazines for a pop of creativity.

8: Wooden pallets Build a DIY coffee table or shelving unit from repurposed wooden pallets for a sustainable and trendy home decor piece.

9: Fabric scraps Sew together fabric scraps to design one-of-a-kind throw pillows or table runners for a cozy and eco-friendly touch in your home.

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