1: Simone Biles' impressive baking skills shine through in her secret passion for creating intricate cake designs.

2: The world-renowned gymnast showcases her artistic side by painting vibrant and expressive murals in her spare time.

3: Simone Biles surprises fans with her exceptional singing talents and often performs at charity events and fundraisers.

4: In addition to her athletic prowess, Biles is a skilled writer, sharing her thoughts and experiences through poetry and prose.

5: Biles' love for animals is evident in her volunteer work at local shelters, providing care and companionship to furry friends.

6: The gymnastics superstar is an avid gardener, cultivating a vibrant array of flowers and vegetables in her backyard oasis.

7: When not competing, Simone Biles enjoys DIY projects, showcasing her talent for creating unique and stylish home decor.

8: Biles' passion for fashion is evident through her personalized clothing designs and contributions to charitable fashion shows.

9: Beyond the gym, Simone Biles reveals a multifaceted talent for cooking, creating delicious and healthy meals for friends and family.

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