1: "Avocado and Egg Toast - A protein-packed way to start your day with creamy avocado and a perfectly cooked egg on top."

2: "Avocado and Smoked Salmon Toast - A decadent twist on the classic avocado toast with smoked salmon adding a salty kick."

3: "Avocado and Tomato Toast - Fresh diced tomatoes paired with creamy avocado for a burst of flavor and nutrients in every bite."

4: "Avocado and Bacon Toast - Crispy bacon adds a satisfying crunch to avocado toast, creating a savory breakfast option."

5: "Avocado and Feta Toast - Tangy feta cheese paired with creamy avocado for a Greek-inspired twist on avocado toast."

6: "Avocado and Pesto Toast - A flavorful combination of basil pesto and creamy avocado for a gourmet breakfast option."

7: "Avocado and Salsa Toast - Spicy salsa adds a kick to creamy avocado toast, perfect for those who like their breakfast with a bit of heat."

8: "Avocado and Hummus Toast - Creamy hummus paired with avocado for a Middle Eastern-inspired breakfast option full of protein and fiber."

9: "Avocado and Everything Bagel Seasoning Toast - Sprinkle avocado toast with everything bagel seasoning for a crunchy, flavorful twist on this breakfast classic."

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