1: Learn the truth about diet myths from Simone Biles' nutritionist.

2: Myth: Carbs are bad. Fact: Carbs are essential for energy.

3: Myth: Skipping meals leads to weight loss. Fact: It slows metabolism.

4: Myth: Eating fat makes you fat. Fact: Healthy fats are crucial.

5: Myth: Detox diets are necessary. Fact: Your body detoxes naturally.

6: Myth: Cutting out all sugar is best. Fact: Moderation is key.

7: Myth: Supplements are a quick fix. Fact: Focus on whole foods.

8: Myth: All calories are equal. Fact: Nutrient-dense foods are best.

9: Debunk diet myths with expert advice from Simone Biles' nutritionist.

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