1: 1. Visualization Simone Biles imagines her routines before executing them, helping her build confidence and focus.

2: 2. Positive Self-Talk Biles practices affirmations to stay motivated and resilient during challenges.

3: 3. Setting Micro-Goals Breaking down big goals into smaller, achievable steps keeps Biles on track and motivated.

4: 4. Embracing Failure Biles sees mistakes as learning opportunities, fostering growth and resilience.

5: 5. Seeking Feedback Continuous improvement is key for Biles, who values input from coaches and teammates.

6: 6. Mindfulness Staying present and focused helps Biles perform at her best under pressure.

7: 7. Energizing Rituals Pre-competition routines help Biles get mentally and physically prepared for success.

8: 8. Taking Breaks Rest is essential for Biles to recharge and maintain peak performance levels.

9: 9. Celebrating Victories Acknowledging accomplishments fuels Biles' motivation and drive for continued success.

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