1: "Visualization techniques help Simone Biles stay focused and positive in the face of challenges."

2: "Maintaining a strong support system of friends and family is key to Simone Biles's resilience."

3: "Setting achievable goals and celebrating small victories drive Simone Biles to overcome obstacles."

4: "Simone Biles practices self-care rituals like meditation and journaling to stay mentally strong."

5: "Adopting a growth mindset allows Simone Biles to see failure as an opportunity for growth."

6: "Regular physical activity and a healthy diet are crucial components of Simone Biles's adversity coping strategy."

7: "Simone Biles prioritizes rest and recovery to recharge and face challenges with a fresh perspective."

8: "Building a routine helps Simone Biles stay organized and focused amidst adversity."

9: "Taking breaks and allowing herself time to relax and recharge are vital to Simone Biles's mental health."

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