1: "Black Holes: Mysterious, invisible giants that devour everything in sight."

2: "Dark Matter: Unseen, yet makes up 85% of the universe's mass."

3: "Wormholes: Hypothetical tunnels that bend spacetime, allowing for time travel."

4: "Supernovae: Explosions that outshine entire galaxies, marking the end of massive stars."

5: "Neutron Stars: Super-dense remnants of massive stars, with the mass of our sun squeezed into a city-sized space."

6: "Quasars: The brightest objects in the universe, powered by supermassive black holes."

7: "Time Dilation: The slowing of time near massive objects, as predicted by Einstein's theory of relativity."

8: "The Cosmic Microwave Background: Faint radiation left over from the Big Bang, revealing the universe's early stages."

9: "The Great Attractor: A mysterious region of spacetime pulling galaxies towards it, defying our understanding of cosmic expansion."

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