1: "The Lost Colony of Roanoke" What happened to the settlers who vanished without a trace in 1590?

2: "The Bermuda Triangle" Ships and planes disappearing without explanation in this mysterious area.

3: "The Voynich Manuscript" An ancient book with undecipherable text and strange illustrations.

4: "The Taos Hum" Residents in New Mexico hear a strange low-frequency hum with no known source.

5: "The Wow! Signal" A strong radio signal detected from space in 1977, still unexplained.

6: "The Zodiac Killer" A serial killer who taunted police with ciphers that have never been decoded.

7: "The Mary Celeste" A ship found adrift with no crew aboard, a maritime mystery from 1872.

8: "The Black Dahlia" The brutal murder of Elizabeth Short in 1947, still unsolved.

9: "The Shroud of Turin" A centuries-old cloth bearing the image of a crucified man, its origins debated.

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