1: 1. TRAPPIST-1 System: Seven Earth-sized planets found, three in habitable zone.

2: 2. Proxima Centauri b: Closest exoplanet to Earth, possibly rocky and habitable.

3: 3. Kepler-186f: First Earth-sized exoplanet found in habitable zone of its star.

4: 4. HD 189733b: Blue exoplanet with wild weather and potential for life.

5: 5. Gliese 581g: Super-Earth in habitable zone, could have liquid water.

6: 6. WASP-12b: Hot Jupiter with tail of evaporating atmosphere.

7: 7. 55 Cancri e: Super-Earth made of carbon, potential for diamond rain.

8: 8. TOI-700 d: Habitable zone exoplanet potentially hosting life.

9: 9. K2-18b: Exoplanet with potential for liquid water and habitability.

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