1: 1. Try the Pomodoro Technique 2. Exercise before studying 3. Use mnemonic devices

2: 4. Teach others to understand better 5. Study in different locations 6. Take breaks between study sessions

3: 7. Use colorful and creative notes 8. Listen to classical music while studying 9. Stay hydrated and eat brain-boosting foods

4: 10. Reward yourself after studying 11. Create a study schedule 12. Use flashcards for a quick review

5: 13. Take practice exams 14. Get enough sleep for better retention 15. Study with a group for motivation

6: 16. Use storytelling to remember facts 17. Review previous material before starting a new topic 18. Set specific goals for each study session

7: 19. Get organized with a study planner 20. Write summaries in your own words 21. Use visual aids for better understanding

8: 22. Stay positive and believe in yourself 23. Take breaks to recharge your mind 24. Stay consistent with your study routine

9: 25. Don't be afraid to ask for help 26. Practice self-care to reduce stress 27. Stay determined and focused on your goals.

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