1: "Visualization Techniques: Simone Biles envisions perfect routines before performing."

2: "Fear-setting Exercises: Biles confronts her fears head-on to build resilience."

3: "Self-Talk: Positive affirmations help Biles stay focused and confident."

4: "Mental Rehearsal: Biles mentally practices routines to overcome anxiety."

5: "Breathing Exercises: Controlled breathing calms Biles' nerves before competitions."

6: "Mindfulness Practices: Biles stays present and focused to overcome mental blocks."

7: "Breakthrough Workouts: Biles pushes herself to new limits in training."

8: "Routine Adjustments: Biles adapts routines to address mental challenges."

9: "Support System: Biles leans on coaches and teammates for encouragement and guidance."

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