1: Discover how Simone Biles starts her day with a healthy breakfast and early morning stretching routine.

2: Explore Simone Biles' ritual of visualization and meditation before hitting the gym for intense training sessions.

3: Learn about Simone Biles' unique workout drills, including trampoline exercises and foam pit jumps.

4: Witness Simone Biles' dedication to mastering new skills through repetition and continuous practice.

5: Uncover how Simone Biles incorporates mental exercises and goal-setting strategies into her daily routine.

6: Delve into Simone Biles' recovery practices, such as massages and ice baths, to keep her body in top condition.

7: Follow Simone Biles' winding down routine, which includes journaling and reflection on the day's achievements.

8: Embrace Simone Biles' commitment to self-care, with hobbies like painting and cooking to balance her intense training.

9: Experience the holistic approach Simone Biles takes to her daily routine, balancing physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

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