1: Unorthodox - A gripping drama about a young woman escaping her strict religious community.

2: The Perfection - A twisted horror film full of twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

3: The Invitation - A suspenseful thriller about a dinner party that takes a dark and unexpected turn.

4: The End of the F***ing World - A dark comedy-drama following two troubled teens on a chaotic road trip.

5: Cam - A chilling thriller about a cam girl who discovers a doppelganger stealing her identity.

6: The Ritual - A haunting horror film following a group of friends lost in a sinister forest.

7: Shimmer Lake - A unique crime thriller told in reverse, revealing shocking secrets along the way.

8: Calibre - A tense thriller about two friends whose hunting trip takes a deadly turn.

9: The Night Comes for Us - An intense action film filled with bloody fight scenes and surprising twists.

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