1: "Spruce up your space with these budget-friendly decor hacks. #1: Add greenery for a pop of color."

2: "#2: Create a gallery wall using thrifted frames. #3: Rearrange furniture for a fresh look."

3: "#4: DIY throw pillow covers for a cozy touch. #5: Paint old furniture for a custom look."

4: "#6: Hang curtains high for a luxurious feel. #7: Shop secondhand for unique finds."

5: "Transform your home with these simple and affordable hacks. #8: Declutter for a minimalist vibe."

6: "#9: Switch out hardware for a quick update. #10: Use mirrors to brighten and add depth."

7: "Elevate your space without breaking the bank. #11: Experiment with patterns for visual interest."

8: "#12: Upcycle old items for a one-of-a-kind look. #13: Rearrange shelves for a stylish display."

9: "Revamp your home with these wallet-friendly tips. #14: Add a rug for warmth and texture."

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