1: Discover the incredible foods that power Simone Biles' unmatched athleticism.

2: Avocado is one of the surprising foods that keeps Simone Biles at the top of her game.

3: Black beans are full of protein and fiber, essential for Simone Biles' strength.

4: Cherries are a tasty snack that helps Simone Biles recover and reduce inflammation.

5: Salmon is packed with omega-3s, supporting Simone Biles' cardiovascular health.

6: Oatmeal provides sustained energy for Simone Biles' intense training sessions.

7: Eggs are a versatile food that gives Simone Biles the protein she needs to succeed.

8: Quinoa is a nutrient-dense grain that fuels Simone Biles' explosive workouts.

9: Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins and minerals for Simone Biles' overall wellness.

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