1: Cat-Cow Stretch Improve spinal flexibility with this stretch that elongates the back and engages core muscles.

2: Standing Forward Fold Stretch hamstrings and calves while relieving tension in the spine and improving circulation.

3: Child's Pose Release lower back tension and stretch hips and thighs with this calming and restorative pose.

4: Downward-Facing Dog Strengthen and lengthen the entire body while improving flexibility in the shoulders and hamstrings.

5: Cobra Pose Open up the chest and stretch the abdominals and hip flexors with this backbend.

6: Pigeon Pose Relieve tension in the hips and lower back while improving flexibility and mobility.

7: Seated Forward Fold Stretch the spine, hamstrings, and calves with this gentle yet effective pose.

8: Butterfly Stretch Open up the hips and groin while improving flexibility in the inner thighs.

9: Shoulder Stretch Relieve tension in the shoulders and upper back with this simple and effective stretch.

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