1: "Coulrophobia" Fear of clowns is real. From birthday parties to circuses, coulrophobia can make these joyful occasions terrifying.

2: "Nomophobia" The fear of being without a mobile device is known as nomophobia. Constant connectivity can trigger anxiety for those with this phobia.

3: "Xanthophobia" Yellow may be a cheerful color for many, but xanthophobia brings extreme fear of anything yellow. Avoiding sunflowers and bananas is common.

4: "Vestiphobia" Clothing can be a source of fear for those with vestiphobia. Finding comfort in nudity and avoiding certain fabrics are coping mechanisms.

5: "Cyberphobia" In the digital age, cyberphobia is the fear of computers and technology. Tasks like online banking and social media can trigger anxiety.

6: "Heliophobia" Sunlight brings dread to those with heliophobia. Sunscreen, sunglasses, and avoiding outdoor activities are part of their daily routine.

7: "Pogonophobia" Beards and facial hair can incite fear in those with pogonophobia. Men with scruff or full beards may induce panic attacks.

8: "Hylophobia" The fear of forests or trees is known as hylophobia. Stepping foot in a wooded area can be paralyzing for those with this phobia.

9: "Trypophobia" Small holes or patterns may trigger discomfort for individuals with trypophobia. Lotus seed pods and beehives can induce fear and revulsion.

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