1: 1. Hair Mask: Boost shine and hydration with a coconut oil hair mask.

2: 2. Moisturizer: Nourish skin with the natural hydration of coconut oil.

3: 3. Makeup Remover: Gently wipe away makeup with coconut oil.

4: 4. Lip Balm: Keep lips soft and smooth with coconut oil.

5: 5. Cuticle Oil: Nourish and strengthen nails with coconut oil.

6: 6. Shaving Cream: Achieve a close shave with coconut oil.

7: 7. Cooking Oil: Substitute for butter or vegetable oil in recipes.

8: 8. Oil Pulling: Improve oral health with coconut oil pulling.

9: 9. Massage Oil: Relax and rejuvenate with coconut oil massage.

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