From Johnny Johnny to baby bottles: How sugar sneaks into your baby's diet

1. Formula Feeding: Many infant formulas contain added sugars, which can contribute to a sweet taste that babies enjoy, fostering a preference for sweet flavors early on.

1. Fruit Purees: Pre-packaged fruit purees often contain high levels of added sugars, so opt for homemade versions without added sweeteners.

1. Teething Biscuits: Teething biscuits might seem harmless, but many brands contain added sugars. Look for low or no sugar options.

1. Baby Cereal: Even baby cereal, often considered a healthy choice, can contain added sugars. Choose whole grains without added sweeteners.

1. Yogurt: Flavored yogurts marketed for babies can be packed with sugar. Opt for plain yogurt and add mashed fruit for natural sweetness.

1. Baby Snacks: Many baby snacks, like puffs and melts, contain added sugars. Look for unsweetened options or offer fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

1. Juice: Even 100% fruit juice can be high in sugar. It's best to offer whole fruits instead of juice to ensure your baby gets the fiber and nutrients they need.

1. Pouches: Fruit pouches can be convenient, but they often have added sugars. Check labels and choose options with no added sweeteners.

1. Johnny Johnny Yes Papa: While cute, the viral "Johnny Johnny Yes Papa" YouTube video meme can inadvertently promote unhealthy eating habits with its sugary theme.