Signs Of High Blood Sugar You Can Spot On Your Feet

1. Numbness and Tingling Sensation: High blood sugar levels can damage nerves, resulting in neuropathy. You may experience a tingling or numbness sensation in your feet.

1. Burning Sensation: Elevated blood sugar levels can lead to nerve damage, causing a burning sensation in the feet, also known as diabetic neuropathy.

Slow Healing Wounds: High blood sugar can impair circulation and damage blood vessels, leading to slow healing of wounds on the feet.

Dry, Cracked Skin: Diabetes can cause dry skin due to damage to nerves that control oil and moisture in the feet.

1. Foot Ulcers: High blood sugar levels can lead to foot ulcers. If you notice an open sore on your foot that is not healing, it could be a sign of uncontrolled diabetes.

1. Change in Skin Color: Discoloration of the skin on the feet could indicate poor circulation, which is commonly associated with high blood sugar.

1. Swelling: Elevated blood sugar levels can cause fluid retention, leading to swelling in the feet, ankles, and lower legs.

Athlete's Foot and Fungal Infections: People with high blood sugar are more prone to fungal infections like athlete's foot.