signs you have a dysfunctional family

1. Lack of communication: If conversations always end in arguments or are avoided altogether, it’s a sign of dysfunction.

1. Unhealthy Boundaries: There's a lack of respect for personal boundaries or an overemphasis on them, leading to a lack of intimacy.

1. Constant Criticism: Criticism is frequent, and family members feel constantly judged, leading to low self-esteem.

1. Neglect: Emotional, physical, or financial neglect is evident, with family members feeling unsupported or uncared for.

1. Control Issues: One or more family members exert excessive control over others, leading to a lack of autonomy and freedom.

1. Substance Abuse: The presence of substance abuse problems within the family can cause dysfunction and emotional turmoil.

1. Blame Game: Family members blame each other for their problems rather than working together to solve them.

1. Lack of Empathy: There's a lack of empathy or understanding of each other’s feelings and experiences.