Stay Cool Inside Heat-Resilient Plants For Summer Living

Snake Plant (Sansevieria)  Thrives in indirect sunlight, but can tolerate low light. Water sparingly.

1. Moss Rose (Portulaca):Moss roses are drought-tolerant and love the sun. They come in various bright colors.

1. Blanket Flower (Gaillardia):Gaillardia is known for its vibrant and long-lasting blooms, perfect for hot and dry conditions.

1. Verbena:Verbena is drought-tolerant and blooms in beautiful clusters throughout the summer.

1. Coreopsis (Tickseed):Coreopsis is a hardy perennial that loves the sun and is quite drought-tolerant.

Cosmos: Cosmos are not only heat-tolerant but also attract butterflies and bees.

1. Zinnia:Zinnias are colorful and thrive in hot weather, adding brightness to any garden.

1. Sedum:Sedums are drought-tolerant and perfect for sunny areas. They come in various shapes and sizes.