1: 1. The Tough Mudder in the UK – a grueling 10-mile obstacle course 2. The Great Wall Marathon – running along China's iconic structure

2: 3. The Leadville Trail 100 Run – a high-altitude ultramarathon in Colorado 4. The Eco-Challenge Fiji – a multi-day race through rugged terrain

3: 5. The Barkley Marathons – an infamous race in Tennessee's backcountry 6. The Marathon des Sables – a six-day ultramarathon in the Sahara Desert

4: 7. The Spartan Death Race – a brutal endurance test in Vermont 8. The Norseman Xtreme Triathlon – a challenging race in Norway's fjords

5: 9. The Antarctic Ice Marathon – running on the frozen continent 10. The Western States Endurance Run – a 100-mile race in California

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