1: 1. "Pumping Iron" - Follow bodybuilders as they compete for Mr. Olympia. 2. "Fittest on Earth" - Explore the world of CrossFit as athletes compete. 3. "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" - Witness a man transform his health with juicing.

2: 4. "The Game Changers" - Learn about the benefits of a plant-based diet for athletes. 5. "Iron Cowboy: The Story of the 50.50.50" - Follow an athlete as he completes 50 Ironman races. 6. "Under Armour: Will Finds a Way" - Watch a double-amputee athlete defy the odds.

3: 7. "Born Strong" - Get an inside look at the world of strongman competitions. 8. "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake" - Follow a wrestler's journey to sobriety through yoga. 9. "CT Fletcher: My Magnificent Obsession" - Learn about the life of a legendary bodybuilder.

4: 10. "The Weight of the Nation" - Explore the obesity epidemic in America. 11. "Generation Iron" - Get an inside look at the world of bodybuilding competitions. 12. "Strong" - Follow Olympic weightlifters as they train for the 2016 Games.

5: 13. "Froning" - Follow CrossFit champion Rich Froning as he trains and competes. 14. "Weightless" - Discover the power of dance as a form of weight loss. 15. "Living Yoga" - Learn about the benefits of yoga for overall health and wellness.

6: 16. "Happy" - Explore the connection between happiness and physical activity. 17. "A Decade of Living Healthy" - Follow individuals as they transform their health over time. 18. "Off the Rez" - Follow a Native American basketball player as she pursues her dreams.

7: 19. "Ride the Divide" - Experience the challenges of biking along the Continental Divide. 20. "Running the Sahara" - Watch as three men attempt to run across the Sahara Desert. 21. "Desert Runners" - Follow four individuals as they compete in four ultra-marathons.

8: 22. "Free Solo" - Witness Alex Honnold's free solo climb of El Capitan. 23. "Meru" - Follow climbers as they attempt to summit the Shark's Fin on Mount Meru. 24. "Valley Uprising" - Learn about the history of rock climbing in Yosemite Valley.

9: 25. "Touching the Void" - Follow climbers as they attempt to survive a harrowing ordeal in the Andes. 26. "180° South" - Join a journey to Patagonia that combines surfing, climbing, and conservation. 27. "The Dawn Wall" - Watch climbers attempt a historic free climb of the Dawn Wall on El Capitan.

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