1: 1. Bali: Yoga on the beach at sunset. 2. Santorini: Pilates overlooking the Aegean Sea. 3. Tulum: Morning HIIT on the white sand.

2: 4. Hawaii: SUP yoga with sea turtles. 5. California: Run along the Golden Gate Bridge. 6. New Zealand: Hike to Milford Sound for stunning views.

3: 7. Switzerland: Ski in the Swiss Alps. 8. Spain: Crossfit in a picturesque park. 9. Thailand: Muay Thai on a secluded beach.

4: 10. Australia: Surfing in Byron Bay. 11. South Africa: Safari run with zebras. 12. Norway: Kayak in the fjords for a unique workout.

5: 13. Iceland: Glacier hike for an epic adventure. 14. Brazil: Capoeira on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. 15. Maldives: Stand up paddleboarding in crystal clear waters.

6: 16. Japan: Zen yoga in a tranquil garden. 17. Canada: Mountain biking in Whistler. 18. Italy: Cycling through the Tuscan countryside.

7: 19. Peru: Inca Trail trek to Machu Picchu. 20. Mexico: Ziplining through the jungle. 21. Greece: Rock climbing in Kalymnos.

8: 22. Morocco: Camel trek in the Sahara Desert. 23. Dubai: Skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah. 24. Costa Rica: Aerial yoga in the rainforest.

9: 25. Portugal: Surfing in Ericeira. 26. Sweden: Wilderness trail running in Lapland. 27. Argentina: Tango dance class in Buenos Aires.

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