1: Introduction to Yoga and Intuition - Explore the connection between mindfulness and inner guidance through yoga practice.

2: The Power of Breath - Learn how yoga breathing exercises can enhance intuition and foster a deeper connection to self.

3: Mind-Body Awareness - Discover how yoga postures cultivate body awareness, leading to heightened intuition and self-trust.

4: Meditation for Clarity - Tap into your intuition through meditation practices that quiet the mind and open the heart.

5: Intuitive Movement - Embrace intuitive movement in yoga flow sequences that encourage listening to the body's wisdom.

6: The Energy of Intuition - Explore the energetic aspects of intuition in yoga, connecting mind, body, and spirit.

7: Intuition in Practice - Implement intuitive decision-making in your yoga practice to deepen self-awareness and insight.

8: Yoga Nidra for Intuition - Experience the transformative power of yoga nidra for accessing intuition and inner guidance.

9: Trusting Your Inner Voice - Cultivate trust in your intuition through yoga practice, leading to clarity and wisdom.

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